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Hundreds showed up to Support our Harbour Rally!

A crowd of about 1000 showed up on land and on water on Saturday, April 17th, for our Save The Harbour rally. The paddlers with their boats outlined the perimeter of the proposed marina demonstrating to all of us what a vast portion of our harbour we are at risk of losing.

ClareMorrison1 Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

For those on the walkway, it was a shock to see how far it would reach into the busy traffic lanes used by large ferries and sea planes. Over 600 people signed post cards to Minister Pat Bell at the rally. Scores of people left with stacks of post cards and pamphlets to distribute at work and among friends.

Let's keep the momentum going! Share this brochure with neighbours and friends. Get everyone you know to send their message to Minister Pat Bell too. Thanks everyone for your support!

Check out more pictures of the rally here.


We don't know when a decision will be made on this proposed marina but it could happen very soon. We need your help in getting a message to BC Minister Pat Bell urging him to deny this application by a developer to lease our public harbour for a mega yacht marina. Click here for a sample email to send today to Minister Pat Bell at

How could the privatization of our harbour be in the public interest? Speak up now before it is too late!

Click here for a printable PDF postcard!

Send a letter!

The application for the proposed marina is still being reviewed by the federal and provincial governments. No approvals have been given. We must keep the pressure up on all government officials and politicians dealing with the marina. If the ILMB does not grant WAM Development the license to lease the 6.5 acre Crown water lot then the marina cannot happen. Let the key Provincial politicians and ILMB officials know how you feel about this proposal and the significant negative impact it will have on our harbour. Get their contact information here.

The Environmental Law Centre (ELC) at the University of Victoria has filed a legal submission, on behalf of the South Island Kayaking Association (SISKA), with federal Environment Minister, Jim Prentice, asking the government to hand over the environmental assessment of the proposed marina to an independent, unbiased review panel for a full public hearing. Read the full submission and letters of support at the ELC web site. Many community groups and local politicians have sent written letters of support for this full, independent review.

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Get Involved!

We are working with people and stakeholder groups from all over Victoria area to stop this proposed marina. By working together, we are able to share information and speak with a stronger voice. The decision makers are starting to hear our concerns but there is still much work to be done. If you would like to get involved and can volunteer some of your time and skills, we would love to hear from you at