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Photos from the Support our Harbour Rally

1RH Footprint of Proposed Mega-Yacht Marina in Victoria Harbour
Photo Credit: Robert Hewitt

2CM Paddlers on their way to the rally
Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

3CM Site of proposed marina, with yellow tape showing the outline and yellow balloons showing the height of the mega-yachts.
Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

4CM Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

5CM Paddlers Taking up the Footprint of the Proposed Marina
Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

6CM Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

7CM Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

8CM Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

9CM Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

10RH Photo Credit: Robert Hewitt

11RHo Photo Credit: Robert Hewitt

12RH Photo Credit: Robert Hewitt

13RH Photo Credit: Robert Hewitt

14RP Photo Credit: Roger Patterson

15RP Photo Credit: Roger Patterson

16RP Photo Credit: Roger Patterson

17RP Photo Credit: Roger Patterson

18RP Denise Savoie speaks to the crowd
Photo Credit: Roger Patterson

19RP Photo Credit: Roger Patterson

20RP Photo Credit: Roger Patterson

21RP Photo Credit: Roger Patterson

Many thanks to our volunteer photographers, who donated the above photographs: Robert Hewitt, Clare Morrison and Roger Patterson.