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What some Experts Have to Say

Comments on specific aspects of the Marina proposal by experts in their field.

What some politicians have to say

Read what Minister Pat Bell said in response to questions by Maurine Karagianis

Read a transcript here.
Some of MLA Karagianis' questions:

  • "The public consultation stage of the process ó what does that look like? What does it entail? Is there a beginning? Is there an end? How, in fact, does the public engage in that process?"

  • "Who takes responsibility for [the environmental aspect], and where is the reporting out of that? How is that open and transparent to the public?"

  • "Can we talk about the actual application and when it was submitted and why the city was unable to put in their rezoning application to turn this into parkland, which of course would have then considerably changed the magnitude of the current development proposal?"
  • Victoria City Council has taking a position against this marina development proposal.
    Read more about the City's position in this press release.

    MLA Maurine Karagianis sends letter to Minister John Baird urging him to establish an independent panel to review environmental assessment

    See video clips of the public meeting hosted by Denise Savoie, Victoria MP on Sept. 22nd on the proposed marina.
    Provincial and federal officials heard the views and concerns of many people and groups who are opposed to this marina.
    Check it out at

    The Honourable Stockwell Day, Treasury Board President and Senior Regional Minister for BC, wrote a letter to Transport Minister John Baird last March urging him to approve this project. Read his letter here. We need to start raising questions of him and other political decision makers about a process that allows political influence on the divestiture of a valuable public asset. We need to send letters to Minister Baird demanding that the process be opened up to public scrutiny and be the subject of a full and independent environmental assessment review. Click here for his contact information.

    We have garnered support from many local politicians. Denise Savoie, Victoria MP and Maurine Karagianis, Esquimalt-Royal Roads MLA, presented our petition with close to 7000 signatures in the House of Commons and BC Legislature this summer. They have written letters and lobbied vigorously on behalf of their constituents for a full public and environmental review of this project. Dr. Keith Martin, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca MP, has also loudly voiced his concerns to government about the many negative impacts of this marina on Victoria harbour. Former Victoria mayors - Peter Pollen, Alan Lowe, and David Turner - have spoken out against the marina.

    Former federal Environment Minister and Victoria MP, David Anderson voices his support for a full environmental review of this project in a letter to Scott Bernstein at the Environmental Law Centre at UVic.

    Public Comments

    Read a letter about the impacts this marina would have on our harbour and our city from Ann who says "The Inner Harbour is a place of beauty and should be maintained as an area to be enjoyed by all".

    Through this web site, we are providing a forum for the public to express their views and concerns about this marina development proposal which could change our harbour forever.

    Read the public's comments!

    We love your comments! Keep them coming!
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    Letters to the Editor

    • Letter to Ida Chong

    • Marina Man Getting Pushy
      Vic News, Apr.30/10

    • Harbour about to be WAMed?, by Patrick Isaac, page 6 under Reader's Views, May 2009
      "Personally, if they were going to build a marina, I would say build one for smaller boats, in the 27-foot to 40-foot range....To me, they are the heart and soul of the boating community - not some guy who flies in from wherever for a week, jumps on his boat, powers over to Port Angeles, loads up on cheap food, booze, and fuel and then cruises back through the lower Gulf Islands for a couple of days."

    • Mega-yacht marina inappropriate, by Alistair Craighead, former City of Victoria councilor
      Victoria News, April 8/09
      "Building a marina for mega-yachts in one of the last public spaces in Victoriaís harbour is the wrong idea."

    • Paddling mad, by Janet & Ross Shortreed, Victoria
      Monday Magazine, April 2/09

    • Marina wrong for cityís image, By Jeremy Kinsman
      Times Colonist, March 30/09
      ìHuman-scale marinas for the communityís recreational craft are handsome additions. But the proposal to build a gated marina for mega-yachts for outsiders in the cityís central asset, the harbour, could not be more wrong for Victoria, nor less opportune: Many have seen their life savings plunge.î

    • Letters to Government

      Dear Mr. Baird, Dr. Martin, and Ms. Savoie:
      We are writing to register our strong opposition to the proposed marina development adjacent to the Songhees in Victoria. We object to it on a number of grounds, including: aesthetics, restricted usage and access to foreshore by the public, and environmental degradation.
      We have written separately to Mr. Prentice as he does not publish his email address.
      Thank you for taking our views into consideration.
      Colleen & Bill

      Read letters from various stakeholders speaking up to their politicians. Listen to their views, and get inspired to voice your own opinion! Send a letter to your federal, provincial and municipal politicians - click here for a list of addresses. Send a letter to the local media. If you would like to have your letter posted along with these, please email it to

      • Letter to Minister John Baird

      • MegaYachtinHarbourWide
      • Dear Minister Cantelon.
        This photograph of a mega yacht leaving Victoria Harbour was taken from the 3rd floor of a condominium building on Erie Street. The area for a proposed marina for such mega yachts can be seen on the far shore. This yacht is about the height of a three storey building and, if moored in the location of this proposed marina and allowing for the state of the tide( low in this picture), its Bridge deck would be as high, if not higher, than the roof line of the two storey town-houses seen in the background!!
        Read the rest of Geoff Stewart's letter here

      • Letter from SISKA to Minister Cantelon In a letter to Minister Ron Cantelon, Irene Faulkner, the lawyer representing the South Island Sea Kayaking Association (SISKA), requested that the Minister act in the public interest to deny the application by Community Marine Concepts for a Victoria Harbour Water Lot License of Occupation. She states in the letter,
        "The fundamental issue is that if you grant a license of occupation for this water lot, you will be taking an expanse of public waters currently enjoyed by all Victorians, and privatizing those waters for the use of the internationally wealthy. You will also be privatizing irreplaceable viewscapes and the shoreline - shifting them from the shared use of the entire community to the private benefit of a handful of mostly foreign-owned luxury yachts"
        Read the full letter

      • Letter regarding safety of human-powered boat traffic
        Letter from Scott Parfitt, General Manager, GO Rowing and Paddling Association of Canada.

      • HarbourFerry
      • Victoria Harbour Ferries Position on Marina Development
        Letter from Barry Hobbis, Managing Director of Victoria Harbour Ferries.

      • Letter to Province about harbour safety issues, environmental impacts and detrimental impacts on neighbourhood
        Letter from Donald Grovestine, Victoria Resident.