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Hundreds showed up to Support our Harbour Rally!

A crowd of about 1000 showed up on land and on water on Saturday, April 17th, for our Save The Harbour rally. The paddlers with their boats outlined the perimeter of the proposed marina demonstrating to all of us what a vast portion of our harbour we are at risk of losing.

ClareMorrison2 Photo Credit: Clare Morrison

For those on the walkway, it was a shock to see how far it would reach into the busy traffic lanes used by large ferries and sea planes. Over 600 people signed post cards to Minister Pat Bell at the rally. Scores of people left with stacks of post cards and pamphlets to distribute at work and among friends.

Watch TV coverage of the event here.

Let's keep the momentum going! Share this brochure with neighbours and friends. Get everyone you know to send their message to Minister Pat Bell too. Thanks everyone for your support!

Check out more pictures of the rally here.


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Maurine Karagianis, MLA for Esquimalt-Royal Roads, is standing with her community in opposition to the mega yacht marina proposed for Victoriaís Inner Harbour. Karagianis has introduced a private memberís motion urging the provincial government to reject the water lot lease sought for development of the Victoria International Marina.

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This is how marina developer deals with people!
Watch this video from A News on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-NOvEZnH4E

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Influence applied to Victoria project revealed in released documents

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Local property developer Bob Evans' plan to build a parking lot for the boats of the mega-rich has been springing leaks of late...

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...for many this year, the economy has put the dream of owning a luxury watercraft a lot further out of reach... with the market for pleasure boats in free fall...

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"The federal government's decision to call a public meeting on plans for a Songhees mega-yacht marina is a welcome development for the controversial project. As one of the primary stakeholders in the permit process, the government should be accountable for its reasoning behind any approvals the development receives."


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"The federal government, after lobbying by Victoria MP Denise Savoie, has agreed to call a public meeting to discuss whether a controversial mega-yacht marina should be built in Victoriaís harbour.

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Focus Magazine, page 8, April/09
An essential question: "What kind of process would allow the permanent privitization of a vital part of the commons without requiring the party seeking the privitization to justify publicly and in terms that could leave no doubt the value to the community of that privitization?"

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"Is a large marina the right fit for our quaint and picturesque harbour?"

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The bad economy is creating a flotilla of forsaken boats, which are environmental and navigational hazards.

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Is Transport Canada doing public relations for VIM?

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He writes about the issues and Transport Canadaís decision not to include public consultation in its review of the marina proposal.