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Who are we?

Members of the community of Greater Victoria who treasure our human bond with nature, unique among North American cities.

An overview of the issues

Victoria Harbour Aerial Concerned citizens are strongly opposed to an application by Community Marine Concepts Group to acquire a lease on a 6.42 acre (2.6 hectares) water lot that is currently owned by the Province of British Columbia on the north shore of Victoriaís Inner Harbour to build a private Mega Yacht Marina. If granted, the Provincial Government would be removing this valuable natural property from the public domain and granting it to the use of a single developer for their own private interests to cater to a mega yacht marina for 50 private yacht owners.

WestsongWay Quality of Life: The Westsong Walkway, overlooking the proposed site, is one of Victoriaís most popular trails enjoyed by thousands of walkers who admire the harbour and distant mountain views while observing the wildlife that flourish along the waterfront. This quality of life experience will be lost forever if the project proceeds.

2WayTraffic Public Water Use & Harbour Safety: Transport Canada under the Navigable Waters Protection Act is mandated to ìpreserve the public right of unimpeded safe navigationî. Victoria Harbour is one of Canadaís top five busiest harbours with a complex and active mixture of large and small commercial vessels, private vessels, and float planes. Victoria Harbour contains Canadaís only designated marine airport which had 33,992 landings and take offs in 2008. The proposed 6.42 acre (2.6 hectares) marina will reduce the usable width of the harbour in an area where adequate water surface is critical to vessel and float plane movement.
Harbour Safety Thousands of kayakers and other recreational boat users will be forced to paddle in a narrow corridor between the existing aircraft taxiway and the wave attenuation wall of the marina.
Safety & access issues for paddlers
Letter from Kris Terauds, a competitive canoe and kayak racer.

Wave Attenuator: The location proposed for the marina is the most exposed area on the harbour, being subjected, summer and winter, to frequent gale force (70-90 km/hr) winds and large waves. Storm Consequently, the developer proposes to place a floating wave attenuator around the outer perimeter. In windy conditions, this wave attenuator will generate higher waves and chaotic sea conditions in the adjacent waters making it unsafe for paddlers and potentially impeding float plane operations. While further study is required (and has been requested), we are also concerned that the area of increased wave action will extend all the way across the harbour to the float-home community at Fishermanís Wharf. Click here for further information.

Environment: Activities associated with marina construction can cause temporary and permanent impacts to marine habitat. A review of the reports submitted to CEAA (lead federal agency) by a qualified environmental specialist has found the reports to be lacking important information and does not provide adequate measures to mitigate potential impacts.
Review of 2007 & 2008 Environmental Assessment Reports
Comments from Brian Emmett, M.Sc., R.P. Bio.

Public Participation Process: The size and scope of this project requires meaningful public participation to ensure an open and balanced process. To date, there has been no broad public consultation and concerns have been expressed concerning the transparency of the lead government agencies review of this application.

rowers All of us must be responsible stewards in preserving the quality of life this undeveloped area provides to the regionís citizens, visitors and for future generations. Do you want to forever relinquish this property into the hands of a single use developer? Please express your views to the government officials listed here.

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